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HOW TO GUIDES for Insights & Vision
How to Setup a Report for Expiring Contracts
How to Report on Campus Contracts Under Management
How To Find OMNIA Contracts with Insights
How To Find Systemwide Contracts with Insights


Knowledge Base

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Are you looking for help with Contract reporting? Check out the Contracts Reporting Overview!

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Creating Reports Accessing the Insights Module
Creating a Report with Insights
Modifying a Report with Insights
Filtering Reports with Insights
Types of Filters in Insights
Data Source Objects in Insights & Vision
Formatting and Calculations Formatting Numerical Values in Insights
Custom Calculations with Insights – Derived Measures
Charts and Visualizations – Flip a Grid to a Chart
Sharing and Exporting Sharing Reports with Insights
Subscribing to Reports in Insights
Exporting Report Data – Aggregated Information
Exporting Report Data – Row-Level Transactional Detailed Information
Export Log – Accessing Previous Data Exports
Dashboards Accessing Dashboards
How To Save Your Dashboard
Sharing a Dashboard
Glossary and Categories Diversity Category Glossary
CalUsource Categories
Spend Glossary – UC Reporting Objects