Sourcing QRGs

These QRGs outline tasks within the Sourcing module. Use the category to help you find the QRG you need more quickly.



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Settings Configuring Event Settings 02/18/20
Creating a New Event Creating a New Event 02/18/20
Using a Sourcing RFx Template Video
Editing Basic Details 02/19/20
Editing, Adding Event Timelines 02/19/20 Video
Adding Guidelines (PDF)
Adding Existing Suppliers (PDF)
Adding a New Supplier Contact (PDF) Video
Adding New Team Members (PDF)
Adding New Price Sheets (PDF)
Adding Questionnaires and Questions (PDF)
Assigning Weights to Questions (PDF)
Adding Attachments to Events (PDF)
RFx Suppliers Registering a Supplier (PDF)
Inviting New Suppliers (PDF)
Revoking a Supplier’s Invitation (PDF)
Publishing Publishing/Editing Published Sourcing Events (PDF)
Withdrawing and Republishing an Event (PDF)
After RFx Publication Managing the Discussion Forum (PDF)
Downloading Supplier Attachments Video
Creating a Score Card (PDF)
Closing an Event (PDF)
Monitoring Status of Supplier Response (PDF)
Evaluations Evaluating Supplier Responses (PDF)
Exporting a Questionnaire (PDF)
Awarding Business CalUsource Scoring Matrix Standardized Definitions
Awarding Event/Flipping to Contract (PDF)