Sourcing QRGs

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Settings Configuring Event Settings 02/18/20
Creating a New Event Creating a New Event 02/18/20
Using a Sourcing RFx Template Video
Editing Basic Details 02/19/20
Editing, Adding Event Timelines 02/19/20 Video
Adding Guidelines 06/25/20
Adding Existing Suppliers 11/03/20
Adding a Contact to an Approved or Normalized Supplier Profile 02/12/21 Video
Adding a Contact to an Invited, Registered or Identified Supplier Profile 02/12/21
Adding New Team Members 06/30/20
Creating a Price Sheet 02/16/21
Creating a Price Sheet from the Repository 02/16/21
Customizing Price Sheet Columns 02/16/21
Uploading a Price Sheet 02/16/21
Downloading a Price Sheet 02/16/21
Creating a Questionnaire 02/16/21
Creating Questions for Your Questionnaire 02/16/21
Creating Conditional Questionnaire Questions 02/16/21
Uploading a Questionnaire 02/16/21
Downloading a Questionnaire 02/16/21
Assigning Weights to Questions 08/09/21
Adding Attachments to Events 11/03/20
Exporting a Questionnaire for Editing Purposes 01/12/21
RFx Suppliers Inviting a Supplier 08/30/21
Registering a Supplier 01/12/21
Creating a Supplier (to load presigned agreement) 06/25/20
Submitting a Supplier for Approval 06/25/20
Revoking a Supplier’s Invitation 10/13/21
Adding a New Primary Respondent 11/16/20
Changing a Primary Respondent 11/16/20
Publishing Publishing Sourcing Events 08/30/21
Withdrawing an Event 10/26/20
Republishing an Event 10/26/20
After RFx Publication Managing the Discussion Forum (PDF)
Downloading Supplier Attachments 11/03/20 Video
Creating a Score Card 08/12/21
Closing an Event 10/26/20
Monitoring Status of Supplier Response 08/30/21
Evaluations Downloading Event Owner and Team Member Attachments 01/12/21
Downloading Evaluator Scores 08/30/21
Downloading Supplier Responses 01/12/21
Evaluating Supplier Responses 01/12/21
Exporting a Questionnaire for Evaluation 01/12/21
Awarding Business CalUsource Scoring Matrix Standardized Definitions
Awarding Event/Flipping to Contract 06/06/20