Contract QRGs

These QRGs outline tasks within the Contract module. Use the category to help you find the QRG you need more quickly.

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User Setup Configuring User Profile Contract Settings 7/13/20
Setting Up an Electronic Signature (PDF)
Adding a Team Member to a Contract 4/06/21
Removing a Team Member from a Contract 4/06/21
Creating a Draft Contract Creating a Draft Contract 7/8/20
Contract Confidentiality 08/30/21
Adding New Supplier Contacts 4/06/21
Using a Contract Language Smart Template (PDF)
Adding Notes and Attachments 3/16/21
Completing Additional Information (PDF)
Creating a Supplier before Loading a Presigned Agreement 7/22/20
Loading a Presigned Agreement in CalUsource 10/27/20
Amending a Contract 4/06/21
Deleting a Draft Contract 4/06/21
Contract Review Contract Routing Options (PDF)
Routing for Supplier and Team Review 4/6/21
Routing for Signature (PDF)
Obtaining Wet Signatures (PDF)
FAQ Contract Notifications 10/26/20
Determining Supplier Status 7/21/21
Changing the Contract Administrator FAQ 4/20/21